ALGO Trading – API based Algo Robo trading

HFT Inteligence Trading in share Markets

Algo Trading is a form of Automated trading that uses computer programs to analyse market data based on pre-defined parameters. It places trades on the terminal and submits to exchange directly thereby reducing human or manual invention. Automates decisions and execution, reducing time to act and avoiding human emotions from coming into play while trading by Interface with charting tools like Metatrder and AmiBroker etc.

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Why ALGO Trading with us

ZERO API Charges to our Clients.

All orders like MARKET/STOPLOSS are accepted.

Orders are placed directly in Exchanges in Milliseconds( Saving time is saving money in share markets)

APIs are legal and as all big brokers now advertise to trade with API

Trades are placed 30 times faster than your trading terminal

Get 10 Times More Stability (In terminal there are many issues like many irritating Popups, keeping stock in watchlist, reconnect on internet disconnection and many more. API Trading is independent of such troubles)

Don't miss out any orders like traditional method of robo trading.

Place all your MT4 terminal and API bridging in the free VPS

Use our succesfull performing strategy to win always

Clients should pay their API charges to there Respective Broker.
1.API Charges is totally free for our demat account holders & MT4 Clients.
get free API key for Alice blue  Get Free API
2. Zerodha Charges Fixed Rs.2000/Month
3. Upstox Charges Fixed Rs.750/Month. (and these are to be paid by clients)