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Weekly performance
June 2020 Profit/Loss Total points Image Video
NIFTY NIFTY intraday Performace
BANKNIFTY BANKNIFTY intraday Performace
MCX Crudeoil crude intraday performance
Crudeoil performance by 3 lots
MARCH 2020 Profit/Loss Total points Image Video
MARCH 2020
MARCH 2020 749 749 crude intraday results upto 20 MAR 2020
Crudeoil performance by 3 lots
February 2020 Profit/Loss Total points Image Video
01FEB2020 37 37 crude intraday 01FEB2020
03FEB2020 24 61 crude intraday 03FEB2020
04FEB2020 32 93 crude intraday 04FEB2020
05FEB2020 113 206 crude intraday 05FEB2020
06FEB2020 76 282 crude intraday 06FEB2020
07FEB2020 87 369 crude intraday 07FEB2020
10FEB2020 -12 357 crude intraday 10FEB2020
12FEB2020 112 469 crude intraday 12FEB2020
13FEB2020 102 571 crude intraday 13FEB2020
14FEB2020 -11 560 crude intraday 14FEB2020
17FEB2020 -7 553 crude intraday 17FEB2020
18FEB2020 140 693 crude intraday 18FEB2020
19FEB2020 93 786 crude intraday 19FEB2020
20FEB2020 22 808 crude intraday 20FEB2020
24FEB2020 48 856 crude intraday 24FEB2020
25FEB2020 111 967 crude intraday 25FEB2020
26FEB2020 92 1059 crude intraday 26FEB2020
27FEB2020 94 1153 crude intraday 27FEB2020
28FEB2020 101 1254 crude intraday 28FEB2020
February 2020
January 2020 Profit/Loss Total points Image Video
02JAN2020 -98 -98 crude intraday 02JAN2020
03JAN2020 68 -30 crude intraday 03JAN2020
06JAN2020 101 71 crude intraday 06JAN2020
07JAN2020 94 165 crude intraday 07JAN2020
08JAN2020 93 258 crude intraday 08JAN2020
09JAN2020 101 359 crude intraday 09JAN2020
10JAN2020 -102 257 crude intraday 10JAN2020
13JAN2020 39 296 crude intraday 13JAN2020
14JAN2020 56 352 crude intraday 14JAN2020
15JAN2020 39 391 crude intraday 15JAN2020
16JAN2020 80 471 crude intraday 16JAN2020
17JAN2020 -102 369 crude intraday 17JAN2020
20JAN2020 101 470 crude intraday 20JAN2020
21JAN2020 140 610 crude intraday 21JAN2020
22JAN2020 60 670 crude intraday 22JAN2020
23JAN2020 117 787 crude intraday 23JAN2020
24JAN2020 83 870 crude intraday 24JAN2020
27JAN2020 168 1038 crude intraday 27JAN2020
28JAN2020 96 1134 crude intraday 28JAN2020
29JAN2020 41 1175 crude intraday 29JAN2020
30JAN2020 -105 1070 crude intraday 30JAN2020
31JAN2020 68 1138 crude intraday 31JAN2020
January 2020